A Fresh Start for Fall

It is a fresh start around here- new season, new BABY, and a new blog!  I’m back from my maternity leave and ready to dive into a beautiful fall season.  After totally neglecting my previous blog for months (ahem, ok… close to a year), I’ve decided it is time to start over.  Never too late, right?  Facebook had become a blog for me of sorts, just reducing my writing from a paragraph, to a quick one-sentence status update.  But lately it seems I have more to say than just a one-liner, so hopefully this will serve as an outlet for me to do so.  I’m also trying to remember those of you who *gasp* aren’t actually on facebook.

So rather than try to make up for the last year of unwritten blog posts, let’s just cover this last month.  It has been so many things- exciting, peaceful, slow-paced, beautiful, and restful.  Restful with a newborn?  Yes, actually- seriously restful.  Alita has been one of those dreamy babies I thought I’d never have (and secretly thought didn’t actually exist).  Sleeps well, eats well, seems to actually enjoy baths and diaper changes, and wakes up just once a night.  So, an easy baby + no photography work to do= one incredibly restful month.  I have enjoyed every moment.  And the best part?  I have a beautiful newborn right at my fingertips to photograph whenever the mood strikes.  So far, she has been one fabulous model!

Here we are with our 1-day-old.  Thanks to Kimberli with Bella Baby Photography (great photographer and friend!) for the photo:

And here she is at one week.  In case you don’t already know, photographers recommend getting newborn photos taken within the first 10 days of life.  Can you guess why?  Because they still sleep through anything and can do those amazingly cute poses… like this.  Honestly, I love nothing more than those sleepy, peaceful newborn shots.  So glad I was able to capture them.

And now I truly can’t believe, she is already a month old.  It seemed to me that all good photographer mommies should take one month photos, right?  So here are just a couple, and then soon (I promise) I’ll actually start posting photos of someone other than the new star of the show around here.

First bath…

Loads of snuggle time with her sister, IsabelMy favorites three girls in the world; Emma, Isabel and AlitaI never, ever get tired of this shot.Ok, so now you’ve all met Alita in all her glory.  Here are my other two girls who have been the best big sisters ever.  Although I never would have known it, having a 7 year age difference, is actually brilliant.  I don’t think I’ve gone to get the diaper and wipes or a burp cloth yet.  And I have full-time baby holders whenever she gets fussy.  Seriously, it doesn’t get better than this.

Last week I decided I was on a mission to find new locations for my fall shoots.  I was getting tired of the same old places I’ve used several years in a row and I just knew there had to be more out there.  So here was my first find with Emma and Isabel “modeling” (and yes, they charge a fee).

I LOVED this spot- loads of trees, which will hopefully turn colors soon, and gorgeous paths.  Loved the light at 4:00 in the afternoon too.  So soft and warm…I always love a good bridge too…

More of that delicious light…

Some of those rich, fall colors starting to appear

And last, but not least… the range of emotions from Isabel.  Yes, this was the last shot of the afternoon.  Ok, so now you are all caught up to speed and I can officially say I’m blogging again.  Next up are going to be some of my sneak peeks from my sessions this weekend.  My clients hit the jackpot with gorgeous weather and the beginning of those fall colors of the trees.  I’m LOVING the photos we captured, can’t wait to show them off!