The {J} Family

Well, I’ve become a blogging slacker lately.  I’ve had a mantra playing in my head for the past 2 weeks that goes a little something like this… “JUST EDIT, JUST EDIT, JUST EDIT”.  I tend to get distracted by things like facebook, blogging, emails, laundry, and the list goes on… but with as many shoots that I did in October, I needed to tie myself down to the computer chair and just focus!  So although I’m certainly not done editing my insane October, I do have a little breathing room and wanted to get up a quick post.  I took these early October and totally forgot to blog the session, even though it was one of my favorites that month.

I met this family in the hospital when their little guy was born and have done 15 shoots for them since (yes, I said 15).  Needless to say, they feel like family to me now and I adore them all and love that I get to be a part of watching their little boy grow up.  So fun to see him walking and talking and actually taking some direction from the photographer now (at least as much as a 2-year-old does).

We lucked out with a GORGEOUS day, nice and warm and lots of pretty leaves.  Even better we did the shoot late afternoon, my favorite time of day for that soft lighting.  For those of you who have taken my photography class, this is during that “golden hour” when all things are good in the world.  🙂


Love when I can catch that pretty light behind my subjects!Most beautiful tree- and no, I didn’t photoshop the colors on it.  Being 2, he was much more interested in leaves and sticks than looking at me.  But I can handle the rejection.  Being 2, he also did a lot of this…Love this one that I caught without meaning to.  We asked his dad to show him how to jump over the leaves, and while he did I set up my shot.  Managed to catch dad mid-air, and I love his son’s expression behind him.  🙂  It only took one jump for him to catch on to this new fun activity.  And last, but not least… photographing a 2 year old, also normally means chasing a 2 year old.  This time I let his dad catch up with him and bring him back.  🙂

  • Emily Hernandez - Hi! I just had to leave a comment here, just because our names are the same, and I’m into photographing, too 😀 You have really beautiful photos! They get me in the mood of photoshooting things. It’s a shame that the weather is awful here…. And that I don’t have my camera with me…
    Oh well, have a happy christmas and take good care of yourself!ReplyCancel