The {J} Family

I seriously can’t believe how lucky we’ve been this fall with great weather.  All I remember from last fall was rain, freezing fingers, wet ground, and more cold rain.  So all this sun and warmer temperatures feels heaven sent to me.  These photos were taken on yet another great fall day and I was thrilled to have a chance to photograph this beautiful family.  Ok, really… this little boy was the SWEETEST!  Honestly, I could have snatched him up and taken him home with me, just loved him…

And here is his adorable sister.  She wasn’t quite so sure she was happy about letting me take her photos (but don’t worry… I won her over eventually).

Can you spot the baby bump?  🙂Love, love, love…Some of my favorites of the day…Ok, I lied… this was my favorite of the day~
One last shot of just the boys…

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