First Ever Emily Hernandez Photography “Timeless” Photo Contest!!

As I mentioned on facebook the other day, this month I’m giving away a free full session ($150 value) to the winner of a photo contest on my facebook page.   It will work much like other facebook photo contests… the photo with the most “likes” by the end date, wins!!  The winner can choose to keep their certificate for themselves, or if they are in the giving spirit, they can gift it to a loved one for Christmas.  🙂  All of the details for entering are at the bottom of this post.  

For this particular contest, we are looking for your favorite “timeless” photo from your Emily Hernandez Photography session in the past year.  If you look through my blog and website, you’ll see I don’t have a ton of photos using trendy props, the newest craze in backdrops (pennant streamers are totally in right now btw), or the coolest newborn hats.  I do love looking at other photographer’s photos who use those things, and I must confess I often drool over the most recent fad  I see pop up on my facebook newsfeed, and I’m suddenly tempted to jump online to order all the pretty new products.  But at the end of the day, I always go back to what I know best.  Simple, real, classic photos that I hope will look good on your walls long after the newest fad has faded.  Image

I had a session last month that I loved for a whole bunch of reasons.  Of course- it included the most adorable kid you ever did see, a gorgeous scenic backdrop for our photos, and most importantly… parents who let this little boy be exactly who he was.  Fun, active, inquisitive, active, sweet, active and um, active.  He ran all over the place jumping from one thing to the next and I got the honor of just following him around to capture all of these sweet moments in his little life, without giving much direction.  Image

When I left that session I knew I had images I was going to love and was so grateful that his parents stood back and allowed their son to be his true self.  I like to believe that these are the kind of photos they will cherish in 20 years.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage

So, look through your photos from your session with me, and see if any jump out as the perfect timeless photo to enter.  I’m excited to see what are your favorites and see which photo is “liked’ the most!  

TO ENTER THE CONTEST…  Email your high resolution photo to:

Then encourage your facebook friends to vote for your photo by “liking” it on the Emily Hernandez Photography page.  There will be an album for just contest photos.  

Photos need to be submitted by Monday, Dec. 12th and the contest will end Monday, Dec. 19th.  

Good luck!!!