Drumrolll Please…

The winner of the first ever “Timeless Photo Contest” goes to:  Josh and Natasha Fredlund with this gorgeous shot of their little girl.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this girl several times, including the day after she was born, so we go way back.  🙂


And because the second place winner was SOOO close and had SOOO many votes and I was just feeling jolly during the Christmas season, I decided to give away a second free session to:  Shane and Wendy Farmer with this shot of their oh-so-cute little boy.  He is another client that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing since he was a 1-day-old and he is always filled with so much joy.  Loved this shot that captured his personality…

ImageI had so much fun seeing all of the photos my clients entered… me thinks this needs to be an annual contest.  🙂

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