What’s a photographer to do with a Chicago winter!?

Although I’m one of those photographers who mourns the loss of outdoor light past 4:00, pretty nature trails, vibrant fall leaves, and warm summer air… there is one thing I love about winter photo sessions in my client’s homes.  One of the first questions I ask when I arrive is, “can I see your child’s bedroom?”  Most clients don’t think to suggest starting our session there, but I find that kids are the most relaxed and comfortable in their own rooms, so that is my favorite place to begin.  Plus, I love that each room is so different and tells you a little about who they are at that age- a glimpse into their childhood.  I wish I had photos of my bedroom as a child- it would be fun to see what I chose to put on the walls, the colors of my sheets, the toys that lined the floors… all those things can be long forgotten without photographs.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite images from the past couple months… so many sessions I’ve neglected to post about!