Changes for 2012

Some of you who follow me on Facebook may know that a couple weeks ago our family took on a challenge.  I had been feeling increasingly bothered by the amount of time our family was spending using “technology”.  It wasn’t just the t.v.- it was the ipad, the ipod, the laptop, the desktop…. if it had a screen, our family was in front of it and I had reached the end of my rope with it all.  So I decided we needed a week “unplugged” from it all, some time to reconnect with each other and get back to what our family loves- slow, lazy dinners together, family board games, arts and crafts, baking, and all that “good stuff” we had been neglecting.  We had a family meeting and I laid out the plan, which quite honestly was met with some moans and groans.  But overall, everyone was on board and even a little excited about our challenge for the week.  I wasn’t exactly sure what we would learn from our time “unplugged”, but I planned at our next Sunday night family meeting to discuss how we felt about it and if we saw some changes we’d like to make permanently.  I was quite confident we’d have some revelations along the way.

The rules were simple- my husband and I could only work during work hours, for me that meant 8:00-3:00 while the older girls are at school.  This was going to be tough… I discovered my habit had become to edit photos and return emails all morning, afternoon and evening, a little here… a little there… without ever having a “stop time”.  I was just constantly squeezing in time on my computer in between all my mommy jobs.   So the idea of a “stop time” of 3:00 each day was a little scary, and yet thrilling at the same time.

So day 1- I got the kids on the bus- raced to my computer and worked like crazy.   I was taking the week off of Facebook (gasp!) and t.v., so without any distractions I knew I could get lots done and thought I’d probably have some free time before the girls got home.  Wow- time to read or think through dinner (or even take a bubble bath? Hey-one can dream) .  I was shocked to look up and see the clock read 3:06, I could hear the brakes on the bus outside, and I wasn’t even through half of my editing and still had several emails that I never even had the time to read!  The rest of the week went the same way.  I walked away from the computer at 3:06 and fully devoted myself to my family (and LOVED the break from work), but found that by Friday I was so far behind at work that I knew I was going to have a rough week ahead of me with lots of extra hours to put in.  Ugh- not the result I was looking for.  Not even close.

So, by Saturday I knew I was going to need a drastic change in the way I do things.  Being a mom of three and working full time + was just not going to work for our family.  Having a whole week with parameters on my work time made me realize just how much time I was spending in front of my computer and how little time that left for my family.  And then the “lightbulb moment” came… I need an assistant!!  Someone to help return my emails, schedule my sessions, hunt people down for orders, place the print orders, and ship out CDs.  Then I can do what I love- PHOTOGRAPHY and someone else can help run the not-so-fun part of owning a business.  Brilliant!  Almost immediately I knew I need to call Danyel.  I knew she’d be perfect for the job and prayed she’d agree.  🙂  Danyel is a college student who lives nearby, and has assisted me in the past for photo shoots.  She understands the craziness of my life and I knew she’d help me get it together.  By God’s grace she said “yes” and started that very week.

So I know you may be asking, “What’s with the long-winded story about why you want an assistant?”  Well, because at my core I am a people-pleaser and wanted to fully explain why the Emily Hernandez Photography pricing for 2012 will have a slight increase (and yes, my husband often points out it takes me forever to get to the point).  This is the part of running a business I hate, because truth be told, I wish I could just work for free.  But alas, it just doesn’t work that way.  So… drumroll please- the new pricing details for 2012 are:

~CD’s are now $75.00
~Session fees will remain $150  🙂  However, I will now be charging for any group larger than 4 people an additional $20 per person.  So if you have 5 people to be photographed during your session the charge will be $170.

Prices are effective March 1st, 2012.  If you previously booked your session before today’s date- you will be allowed to pay the old rate for your scheduled session.

Now, because I don’t believe in ever writing a blog post without a photo, here is one of Danyel- my newest assistant!  I’m sure you’ll love her as much I do…I’m so grateful for all of my clients who have supported me these past four years and continue to hire me as their children grow.  I feel blessed to get to do what I love every day and call it “work”.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Heather P. - Whew! Love it. Very well thought out…and you can tell Carlos I enjoy hearing the ramp up to the point. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Danyel will be awesome! Excellent choice your clients will be so happy with her!!!!!ReplyCancel