Smitten with Preschoolers!

Two weeks ago I had the privilege, for the third year in a row, to take school photos for a local preschool. This preschool felt like home to me since my two oldest daughters attended there years ago and the same great staff is still around. They treat me like family there, which makes for a great week! This year was no exception and I swear, these kids just keep getting cuter. When photographing schools like this, I am always amazed at just how different and unique each child is. Some jump in my chair with a huge smile, others duck behind their teachers and approach me a caution. But in the end, we are all friends and have a blast! My goal is simple… get the REAL smile (or better yet, the giggle) and to capture each child in a fresh way. I want them to sit how they sit. Wiggle like a preschooler wiggles. Show off their bare feet. Show me their funny expressions. Be a REAL preschooler!! When I let them relax and play- that is when those “magical shots” come to life. Love it and LOVE them. See below and I know you’ll agree! 🙂

Love that I get to photograph siblings together…
Although I came home from shooting each day completely and totally exhausted and sore in muscles I didn’t even know I had (and wondering how in the world these preschool teachers do this every day!), it was all worth it.  Loved my time there and can’t wait until next year!

  • Deb Curtis - we love you Emily! the photos are so very good, you really have a gift 🙂 thank you,
    Ms. Deb