Alita is 1!

So for weeks (er, months) I’ve had that nagging feeling far, far back in my head.  A little voice that says, “you should really update your blog”.  But a louder voices are calling things like, “finish editing, play with the baby, pick out new paint colors and floors, return emails, and for heaven’s sake- do some laundry”.  So the blog always get pushed to last.  Poor thing.  So today, I once again don’t have time to do much of anything on this blog, but I have a new mantra.  I DO have time for ONE photo.  Right?  My sweet baby girl turned one this weekend.  Every parent says it, and it’s always true.  The year went crazy fast.  It was a bittersweet day- excited for what this year will bring, and so sad it is over.  We are waiting to have a “real party” until we move back into our home (have I mentioned we are doing a major remodel and adding a second floor), but we did a small Hernandez gathering on Friday.  Of course Alita had no idea what the fuss was about, but we loved celebrating this sweet girl God sent us a year ago.  

Here she is with all of her cousins.  I interrupted a soccer game (hence the sweating kids) in the backyard.  It wasn’t great lighting nor the perfect location, but a picture I bet she’ll hang on to one day.  (And if anyone can get my nephew to smile for a photo, you’re hired).

Happy Birthday beautiful girl- you’ve brought more joy to our family than I knew was possible.  What a fun year it has been!Image