Summer Babies (A.K.A. Baby Fever Warning)

I had my fair share of babies to photograph this summer.  I was feeling extra grateful that I already had a sweet baby of my own at home, so baby fever didn’t kick in to a dangerous level.

But seriously, how irresistible is this guy?

And this little guy snuggling with his mom melts my heart every time…

This sweet girl is the 5th child, after FOUR boys in a row.  Don’t you know her mom is treasuring every little pink moment.  🙂

And I loved my outdoor session with this gorgeous girl, who sure loved her daddy…

And this little man was a photographers dream.  Sweet, cute and smiley.  🙂And the best part about this particular shoot?  Much to his mommy’s delight, he took his very first steps while I was snapping away.  Perfect moment that I’ll never forget!

I love when I get to photograph a baby when he is all brand new.  Loved my time with this precious boy, perfect little model for his first photo shoot.

Love those sleepy shots…

Has baby fever set in yet?  This little one might put you over the edge…

Have I mentioned I love my job lately?  It doesn’t get much better than spending time with new mommies and their pride and joy.  Looking forward to watching these kiddos grow over the years, I’m feeling blessed to be a part of it!


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