Winter- the good, the bad, and the beautiful

Winter time in the Chicago area for photography brings good news and bad news.  The good news is that business slows down a bit, giving me a chance to breathe, catch up the rest of my life, and dream of new ideas for my business before things get busy again.   And best of all, I have a little time to get some shots of my own girlies, although never as many as I’d like.  Here is sweet Alita trying out the snow for the first time…

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The bad news is that gone are the days of heading to a pretty park, enjoying the gorgeous outdoors, and using soft sunlight.  Instead I find myself shlupping (I think that’s a real word) through ice and snow to a client’s home, carrying lighting equipment, reflectors, and anything else I can use to help produce any extra light that the sun isn’t providing me.  Truth is, I mostly despise it.  I’ve never been a winter girl.  No amount of hot chocolate and snowmen can change my mind.  I’m always dreaming of the long days of summer, when flip flops are the only thing sitting beside my back door, instead of the current mess of wet mittens, hats, coats, and boots.  I’d take a 100 degrees outside anytime- I swear, I really never ever complain about the heat (you can check my Facebook status this summer to confirm).  Plus all three (and soon to be four) of my daughters were born in the summer, so it continues to be a happy and celebratory time of year.

But I digress.  Despite all of this, I always forget how much I end up loving the shots I get out of in-home sessions.  It is fun for me to see how my client’s live and decorate, and how comfortable their kids are in their own environment.  They love to show off their bedrooms and playrooms and I get to have fun experimenting with new lighting and angles to make each space work.  I tend to gravitate towards the images of “realness”, not posed, just families being families in their space.  My hope is always that those are the images they will treasure 20 years from now.  I’ve had the joy of photographing so many fantastic families over the last 3 winter months, and since today is a “snow day” in Chicago, I thought this might be the perfect day to stay inside, warm cup of coffee in hand, and update this neglected blog.  🙂  Enjoy!

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