Summer Mini Sessions…

In the hopes to meet so many client’s needs, I’ll be offering (nearly) weekly summer mini sessions starting July.  Instead of doing one or two long days (to save my sanity!), I’ll be shooting just four a day, so I can race back home to my nursing baby.  The location is perfect for evening light, making for soft warm tones on a sandy beach with pretty tall grass behind, ideal for a summer shoot.  I grabbed my oldest daughter last night and spent literally less than 10 minutes there to grab a few shots for my own walls.

summer mini sessions

Mommy confession time: I notice I often dream (read: obsess) about getting lovely photos of all of my kids together. Those certainly have their value, but I forget how beautiful shots of each of my kids alone can be. It allows me to focus on just them, their own individual personality and look. Emma and I had an awesome time at the beach, and instead of my sweetly asking (read: grumpy pleading) of her to hold her sister a certain way, or sit still while I situate her younger sisters, it got to be all about her. It made for such a fun night. So if you haven’t gotten any individual shots of your kids lately- keep that in mind. It can be such a peaceful experience. 🙂
That being said (or typed in this case)… families are welcome for mini sessions and we will certainly work to grab that fantastic sibling shot. These particular mini sessions are geared towards families with older kids since they are photographed later in the evening and involve water.
Here is a little peek into my super fast shoot with Emma. She is literally growing up before my eyes these past couple months. She enters middle school this fall and I couldn’t be more proud of the young lady she is becoming. Beautiful inside and out and navigating this new world of “tween” life better than I could have hoped. So glad I took a bit of time to capture this sweet age…







IMG_5518Shoot me an email at: to set up a summer mini session for your family!