Mommies With Cameras Classes

This never ending winter gave me plenty of time inside to hold several Mommies With Cameras classes.  Always a highlight of my month.  Here are some recent shots and little more about the class…

Part of the fun is practicing together taking photos- during this class we had a lovely model, Morgan.  She did an awesome job of waiting patiently for all of to grab the shot we wanted.  🙂  My goal is that class participants will get to go home and try to practice what they learned in their real lives.  So we don’t use fancy lighting or backdrops, just simple window light.

IMG_1768We usually start off class photographing something pretty, like tulips.  That allows everyone a chance to work with an object that won’t run away- and then we progress to using kids (usually some of my own) to give you some real-life practice.

blog8-1We spend lots (and lots) of time learning the ins and outs of our cameras, how to shoot in manual setting and getting the most out of your camera.  We work at a pace that allows you time to ask questions, and learn in a way that makes sense to you.  blog6Lots of hands on practice… (which according to my face in these photos, I take very seriously).  😉blog5And then practicing some more- this time with a cute baby!   Thanks Kristin for bring over my gorgeous niece to model for all of these mamas!


Check out the most recent blog for all of the upcoming class dates!  And you can sign up here:   Photography Class Registration

Hope to see you there!