Birthday Girl!

So fun to celebrate such an exciting milestone with this sweet girl!  She is just overflowing with joy and my cheeks hurt after this session from smiling so much.  I just love this age and spending the afternoon with her and her family was a blast.  What a treasured little girl she is- they are surely blessed.


She had the MOST. AMAZING. EYES!  They sparkled in every shot, so clearly a photographer’s dream model.  🙂  She was a little unsure of me at first, so we stared our session with some balloons to bring out the smiles she is known for.

blog3And then some time on mom and dad’s lap- I can’t even begin to describe to you how loved she is, such a lucky girl!blog5blog4

Her Grandma was there and one of her favorite activities is reading on Grandma’s lap, so I was glad we had time to capture those special moments.blog8

Her mom found her this special birthday outfit and had it personalized with her name- so cute!blog6Proud one-year-old 🙂blog10And we ended our shoot with cake.  I say “we” because she decided she did not actually like cake, so we had to just eat it for her.    She decided veggie puffs were more her style.  Seems like more times than not, the first time kids try cake they don’t actually like it.  If only I had that problem myself.  😉

blog9Happy Birthday Madelyn- I loved spending the day with you!