Brand new sweet baby boy…

Gosh- I really do love newborns. Obviously I love photographing them in all their glory, capturing their squishy little legs and arms and molding them like play dough in my hands. 🙂 But I also adore spending time in my client’s home, while they are still on a “newborn high”. So much excitement and joy in the air, you can feel it. Getting a peek into such a special time in a family’s life really is an honor and I’m so glad it is considered my “job”!
I loved my morning with this family and since they have signed up for a one-year package, I’ll get to spend lots of time with them in the upcoming year. I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up through the lens of my camera!
blog1He has the *CUTEST* big brother and while we were waiting for the baby to be “photo ready”, I got to hang out with big brother in his room.  Such a little man!  😉blog2blog3This little boy rocked his time with me- slept “like a baby” (which actually rarely happens!) and was peaceful the entire time.  Lucky lucky me!!blog4blog5blog6Love that their mama found these awesome hats- aren’t they the cutest!?blog7blog8Glad to grab some shots of the whole fam…blog9blog10It’s always extra special when grandparents join us- sweet sweet photos to cherish…blog11blog12blog13blog14blog15blog16Looking forward to a fun year with this family- huge congrats on such a perfect little boy!