A new ‘tween on the blog!

One age group that I’ve become more and more excited to photograph lately is the “tweens”.  Maybe that is because I have a daughter who is almost 12, or because I find that age group ridiculously fun to be around, but they are moving up to the top of my list of favorite shoots.  I’ve noticed lately that they seem to be the “forgotten years”.  We all think to call a photographer for newborns, toddlers, those early school years, and then…. wait until they turn 18 to photograph them again.  Those beautiful, always changing years in the middle, seem to get neglected.   {guilty mom here as well}  So of course I was thrilled when Kylie’s mom called me to schedule a session for just her (minus her two little sisters) to capture her at this fun age.  She was so excited to have a shoot all about her, with plenty of outfit changes, and gymnastics and dance moves to show off.  She was absolutely stunning and I think I could have photographed her all day.

And another reminder to my clients and those ladies who have taken my photography classes… the. light. matters.  🙂  I promise, it really does.  These were taken in the evening, I think we ended close to 8:00 p.m.  That allowed me to photograph in an open field and really in any location that looked pretty without worrying about harsh shadows from the sun.  I am always drawn to soft, golden, back light- it suits my photography style, so this is certainly my favorite lighting.  If we had met up at 1:00 p.m., these shots never would have worked.  Just your little PSA from your photographer.  🙂

So here you go- a peek at Kylie’s ‘tween session!