My Alita Jane is three! :)

As many of you know, I own a photography company called “Appletree Studio” and we go into preschools to do the “school photography” for them. We steer clear of fake poses, fake smiles and fake backdrops (we kinda just avoid “fake” at all costs). We believe that preschoolers should be captured on camera being exactly who they are- fun, silly, sweet, and adorable. This week we were photographing my daughter’s preschool, so although I wasn’t actutally the photographer working there, I snagged some shots of Alita for our sample girl. She isn’t normally who’d I hire to model (unless you are looking for a child running away), but she did great! I let her play a bit on the playground and we found a pretty location for some “portraits”.
Feeling lucky to be here mama, she is bursting with JOY!