A little creative break for me :)

I’ll be the first to admit that in the fall, I can start to feel like I’m in a rut creatively. I’ve discovered I get bored easily, and so when I’m shooting sessions in the same place several times in a row, I start to get an urge to try something new.
Next week I’m photographing Salem Methodist Preschool in Barrington and (fingers crossed!) if the weather cooperates, we are going to try for some outside photos. Since I’ve only ever done indoor photography for them, I wanted to head over there today and get some sample shots outside to see if there was some useable space. I LOVE exploring new locations and playing around with my camera, especially when I get to use this cute little subject. šŸ™‚
Although it was dreary and drizzling the entire time we shot, I’m still doing the happy dance about the images I got of my sweet and sassy Alita Jane.
And for your ladies who have taken my photogaphy class- because it was such a dark day I wanted to brighten things up in my camera by shooting a really low aperature. So this was shot with my 85 mm lens at a 1.8 fstop for all photos. Fabulous, right!?
Ok Salem parents- let’s start praying now that next week this rain lets up and we get to play outside! Agreed? šŸ™‚