My Baby Fix…

Lovely morning with this sweet baby girl. Truly a joy to spend a morning meeting her family and snuggle her in between shots. She absolutely won the award for the most. smiley. baby. EVER. It was hysterical that this little one somehow already knew how to work the camera- young model in the making. 🙂
We started their shoot at the same location they did their engagment photos and their wedding photos. I envision lots more milestones to come here at the boat dock!
And then of course, we had to include a shot with her big sisters.  😉2014-10-27_0002.jpg
She was ALL SMILES when in her daddy’s arms, it seriously the cutest thing ever (and I’ve seen a ton of cute things in my job).  2014-10-27_0003.jpg
Ah, this face.  Yep- she was pretty perfect!2014-10-27_0007.jpg
Glad that her grandma works nearby and could come join us for a bit to watch the session.  Priceless shots to get a baby getting loved on by grandma, so I grabbed a quick snap in between a bottle feed.2014-10-27_0012.jpg
This shot was her mom’s request, and I just loved it!2014-10-27_0015.jpg
Sweet dreams little one.  What a blessing you are and I’m looking forward to watching you grow!2014-10-27_0016.jpg