Hey Hey!! Exciting Announcement…

Yes, I AM pregnant with our fifth daughter, and although that certainly IS exciting, that isn’t what I’m thrilled to announce to you today. For several years I’ve been wanting to dive into adding a video feature to your photo sessions. Although I have always, and will always, love photographs and the way they can tell a story, there is something so special about video. Β It allows you to hear your little one’s voices, and watch their funny movements in ways that a photograph just can’t fully capture. SO. MANY. TIMES. while I’m doing a shoot, I’m doubled over in laughter while I listen to the funny things your kids have to say. If you’ve hired me in the past, you know I love to chat with your kids while I shoot. It keeps them relaxed, allows me to learn more about them and discover what makes them tick, and helps them feel more comfortable around me. During those “question and answer” times with each kid, I always find myself wishing I had some video of their cute conversations with me. SO, I’ve finally taken the dive into learning more about video and have hired the amazingly talented Alize Yaccino to edit the videos for me (because, let’s be honest… I just ain’t got time for that and Alize is WAY more skilled than I am). She is awesome and I just love seeing her finished product once she adds some sweet music and puts together the video clips in the most perfect way.
One of my long time clients was the first to hire me for a video shoot and I so appreciate her willing to be my guinea pig. πŸ™‚ I knew Frank would be a fun one to interview, he is at the awesome age of 5 and I knew he’d have lots to say. Besides the interview portion of the video, I make sure to capture lots of footage of them doing their favorite things, playing with toys, eating their favorite foods, whatever you’d love to have captured to remember someday.
So how does this work? This is an add-on to a normal full session and I’m launching it at the introductory price of $100 for a 2-5 minute edited video. I prefer to work with one child at a time, but if you’d like some sibling videos, let’s chat and see what will work best for you. If you have a littler one that doesn’t talk yet- that can certainly work too. Lots of video of them dancing, playing, eating, all the things they love to do. You can certainly let me know ahead of time what types of activities you’d like captured. We can work outside at a pretty location, or in your home.

Without further delay- here is Frank’s video. Enjoy!! Β (click on the HD button on the bottom right of the screen so you can see it at it’s best) Β πŸ™‚

Of course, while I’m there to get some video, my main goal is to get some beautiful lifestyle shots for you. Curious what an indoor winter session looks like? I’m throwing all sorts of photos your way of my recent session so you get an idea. I’m offering a special from now until March 13th of $25 off any weekday session. Book yours today by heading over to my website and clicking on “request a session” and mention the code: WINTER25OFF in the “notes for photographer section”.

Thanks again Kepler family for allowing me to share your video! πŸ™‚