May Mini Sessions

Oh my- has May Madness set in for everyone else!? I’ve decided December schedules are nothing compared to May once your kids are old enough to be in school- Amen?? Between end of the year concerts (lots!), softball games, end of the school year field days, picnics, teacher appreciation weeks, and the weather making it possible to schedule a bunch of outdoor shoots, my schedule is feeling nutty! I was doing SO. GOOD. at staying on top of editing (pats herself on the back) and now suddenly I’m finding myself barely keeping up again!
Thankfully when I do get a minute at my computer, I’m LOVING working on all the spring mini sessions and seeing so many of my favorite faces. This family is always a blast to work with and I’ve known them since doing a newborn session for their oldest. The most rewarding part of my job is when a family trusts me with their precious milestones and this family has hired me consistently enough over the past several years that they practically feel like family to me now! 🙂  Love you Steffen fam!