New Fresh 48- sweet baby girl

It was such a joy to meet this family and capture all the excitement of their first baby girl. Her four big brothers were so sweet and curious, all wanting to hold her at once and take in every detail of her tiny hands and face. And all that blonde hair!! Oh my- just love it!
I was telling my friends after this session that I think if I had my choice, I would do hospital sessions every single day. I just LOVE them. I have such fond memories of those couple days getting to know my daughters and there is just something so special about that capturing that time. And I also know that when I look back at photos from my own post-birth hosptial stays, I’m so glad I have photos to help me remember a time where my brain was foggy and tired and memory was lacking. Such precious moments to seal in my heart with a photo.
If you know of anyone expecting soon- send ’em my way! I’d love to get them on my calendar for a “Fresh 48” in-hospital session!