The Studio is OPEN!

Oh my goodness, you have no idea how excited I am about the opening of our studio in Barrington.  It has been in the works for quite some time, so it is feeling like Christmas morning around here at Emily Hernandez Photography!
I’ve had so many questions about the studio, so I wanted to give you the scoop!

The studio is called “Studio Share Photography” and it is shared among a handful of photographers.  I’m fortunate enough to manage the building and work under an amazing business woman (and photograper), Jenni Chase.  I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Jenni over the past year and love her passion for helping local photographers work alongside one another in community instead of competition.  Jenni owns Studio Share Photography and opened a location in Libertyville in 2014 and so Barrington is now her second location.  Our studio has two natural light studios, a beautiful lobby, and a room where customers can do hair and makeup, meet for a photography class, or meet with a customer to preview their images.  Click here to see the Studio Share Photography website.

We just opened a couple weeks ago and although things are still getting into place, I’ve enjoyed getting some sessions in with some gorgeous kiddos.  Having this space means I get to get beautiful natural light photos in the dead of winter- woo hoo!  Since it feels like winter is Chicago’s longest season, it is amazing to have some options for an indoor session for those who’d rather not have a session in their home.

My sweet niece who happens to have the most kissable cheeks on the planet…2016-01-27_0013.jpg

Here are some quick questions and answers:

Will you still be offering in-home and outdoor sessions?  YES!  Absolutely!  Studio sessions are ideal for those who’d rather not have a session in their home or outside because of the weather.  It is also an ideal space for newborns, head shots and large groups.

Is the rate for studio sessions any different?  No (for now!).  Quite honestly this is a bit of a “wait and see” game for me to figure out if studio rates will need to be higher.  There is obviously a cost in renting the space and I’m hoping as my business continues to grow, I can keep my rates the same for 2016.  However, until I see how things go over the next few months, I can’t make any final decisions.

Do you have studio lights?  Yes- I have a set of studio lights in both shooting spaces.  My normal preference is still natural light, but I am trained in studio lights and will use those if the need presents itself (dark, dreary day or an evening session).

Where is it located?  117 E. Northwest Highway, Suite #4, Barrington, IL.  We are in the same building as the “Language Stars” near the intersection of Rt. 14 and Barrington Road.

How do I book a session?  Just click here and Jenny will get you all set!


Loved getting in this group of TEN grandkids for a special birthday gift for their grandma.  The studio was the perfect place to get them all together on one long couch.  🙂

I love this simple white bed set up.  Beautiful, timeless, and would look stunning framed in any room.  My daughter Mia and her cousin Ellie, both at 6 months old, were perfect models for me last week.  🙂2016-01-27_0012.jpg

Such a treat to have the PERFECT window light for Ellie’s 6 month session.  She could not be any cuter- ahhhh, those toes and chubby thighs!  2016-01-27_0014.jpg
This shot was taken with one of our many backdrop paper rolls which allow me to get some pretty shots with any color background you’d like.  This was taken with the studio lights, simply gorgeous! 2016-01-27_0015.jpg
More shots from the “white bed” set up…2016-01-27_0016.jpg
I got to meet this handsome little man last week too!  He was an active guy and the studio was the perfect space to capture his fun personality!2016-01-27_0025.jpg
2016-01-27_0028.jpgI’m also SO.DARN.EXCITED about having a perfect location for my photography classes.  For those of you who have taken my class in the past and had to jam into my messy house (my apologies), you understand why this is crazy awesome.  🙂  We have a meeting room with a nice screen on the wall for following along in class, and then we get a great shooting space to use to work with our models.  My hope is to offer even more classes in 2016 and utilize this gorgeous location.

My upcoming classes are:

iPhone Photography- Friday, Feb. 26th

Mommies With Cameras Level 1- Saturday, March 5th

Please email me if you are interested in either class!


I’m so excited about all that is happening in 2016!  I truly feel blessed beyond words that this little business of mine is still alive and thriving- feels so good to do what I love with clients I adore.  Hope to see your families in 2016!