Meeting Connor…

When Sandra contacted me several months ago to tell me she’d like to hire me to capture their birth story and their Fresh 48 hospital session, I was giddy! Births are my most favorite-ist thing ever and I think I might have been just as excited for her due date as she was.
She was set to be induced on Thursday as it seems this little guy was very content hanging out in his mom’s belly. But Monday night, much to our surprise, her contractions got stronger and more consistent and so off to the hospital they went!

After getting all checked in and settled, the contractions continued and became more intense. The nurse came in and asked Sandra if she was ready to call the anesthesiologist (yes, I had to spell check that one!) and when Sandra glanced at me and I quietly nodded to her “yes, say yes!”


I was thrilled to see my absolute favorite anesthesiologist walk in, he is hilarious, and more importantly- really awesome at his job (a serious perk). As expected, he talked about food, made himself comfortable and chatted it up with us. I seriously love this guy.
Mike and I stepped out of the room while Sandra got her beloved epidural. Mike paced while he waited, with his mind clearly on his pretty wife. After about 10 minutes we were called back into the room and happy to find Sandra doing well and feeling better (woo hoo for modern medicine!).  She was still at 2 cm and was hoping for some progress!

Since it looked like things were going to move fairly slowly, I headed home to nap for a couple of hours and then at 5:15 a.m. I got the text- “I’m at 9 cm!!” Needless to say, I shot out of bed, threw on my clothes and raced back to the hospital, not wanting to miss a moment of excitement. But, as all births go, nothing is routine and although she was at 9 cm, she continued to stay at 9 cm for the next 4 hours! We watched the sun rise and chatted to pass the time.

At one point Mike started reading some jokes to Sandra and I loved watching her giggle in between contractions, keeping such a positive spirit.
As contractions would kick up, Sandra would grow quiet and serious, and then quickly transition back into her smiley self as they subsided.

Around 8:00, both sets of grandparents showed up, a welcome distraction. I loved listening to their chatter, all of them excited and nervous and anxious to meet their grandson.

At around 9:00 a.m. Sandra finally got to that magical number- 10 centimeters and it was time to push!

Mike remained calm (especially for a first time dad!) and a constant support to Sandra. He was quiet and listened to her anytime she needed something- a cold washcloth, the oxygen mask, or ice chips.
I hadn’t met their doctor before and she might be one of my new favorites. So calm and friendly, her presence was very peaceful and joyful and set everyone at ease.
Sandra was a total rock star- pushing for almost 2 full hours, never giving up. And then suddenly at 10:58 a.m. Connor Michael entered the world at 8 lbs, 9 oz. Big boy with the cutest cheeks and the sweetest face. He did the cry every parent longs to hear, and then was amazingly calm and content. Just a perfect little boy!2016-04-06_0014.jpg
We all laughed at the size of his feet- rather large and hardly even fit on the birth certificate! The nurse added the prints to their baby book and then left a stamp on the new dad’s arms.
The extended family was in the waiting room chomping at the bit to hear the news, so as soon as the foot prints were finished, Mike headed out to share the good news. I always love this part- seeing the excited reactions and tears of joy.
Meanwhile, back in the room, Sandra was getting to hold her sweet boy and study his handsome face.
Love those sweet quiet moments just after birth- there is just nothing like it.

I headed home to let this new family of three get some rest and time alone and couldn’t wait to come back the next day to catch his “Fresh 48” images.

He was just as cute as I remember when I saw him today.  Sleepy and peaceful…


He was even more adorable with each photo and I was so happy to hear how well he was doing.

I walked in to find Sandra walking around and looking so pretty- what a woman!
2016-04-06_0024.jpgTotally LOVE this image- his eyes looking into hers is just perfection!

Congratulations Mike and Sandra~ what an honor to spend these past 48 hours with you!  What a blessing you hold in your hands!