Mama Snuggle Sessions

I’m am so so stinkin’ excited about offering some new mini sessions just for moms and their little ones.  Read to the bottom on this blog and then click on the link to sign yourself up!  Grab a spot asap, I have a feeling they are going to sell out quickly!

So I recently went for a weekend to a photography conference and I came home more passionate than ever about capturing the relationship between people… most specifically between moms and their children.  As a mom to 5 daughters, I love snuggling with my girls (at least the three little ones that still let me) and I realized it would be so beautiful to have images that capture those moments.  One-on-one attention from mom is always cherished and I want kids to be able to hold those images in their hands and remember what it felt like to be held by their mommy.  I love the details of chubby little feet, a gentle squeeze, the way a mom holds her child on her hip, the way kids throw their hands back and giggle when they are tickled and hugged.

And then- this is the fun part- I realized that what would make those moments even more gorgeous is if someone did my hair and make up!  Am I right!?  Yes I know- it’s not how we look every day at home, but hey- it sure is how we’d like to be remembered.  🙂  So my darling friend Kristy Nickol, a professional hair and make-up stylist, has agreed to help us ladies out in that department!  She’ll spend 40 minutes with each client before they begin their session and style your hair how you’d like and apply some pretty make up.  How amazing is that!?  It makes me wish I could sign up for my own session!

This past weekend I had my beautiful sister and her pretty little girls come into my studio to test out creating some images I was hoping to create.  And they sure didn’t disappoint!



I feel as though I should note, in a spirit of honesty, that my niece pictured below might be the most active, wild child you’ve ever seen.  Holding her was no easy task and I’m confident my sister got in her workout just trying to hold this squirmy girl.  But even with this energizer-bunny child, we got some gorgeous images!
Her big sister is equally active, but adores her mom, so it was easy to get them playing together.









Here are all the details you need to know!

Date:  Saturday, March 18th and Saturday, April 1st.  I have six slots for both dates for morning times.

Time:  The session will take just one hour total.  40 minutes of hair and make up, 20 minutes of a photo session.

Hair and Make Up:  Services are INCLUDED in the price of the session.  Arrive with a clean face and clean, dry hair and ready to be styled.  Feel free to email me images of hair ideas and I can pass them along to Kristy before you arrive.  If you have little ones that will have a hard time keeping themselves occupied while you are being styled, it would be wise to bring someone along (husband, grandma, babysitter) so they can keep an eye on your little one.  If you have any favorite colors for your lips or eyes, bring them along and Kristy will use those.  Otherwise she will provide basic make-up necessities.

This is limited to moms with two children for the price of $275.  Any additional children will be an added price of $50.

Each client will get a minimum of 20 fully edited images in both color and black and white.  I will take photos of each child with their mom and a small amount of images of each mom with both (or all) of her children.  I will also take one image of mom alone so you have an updated photo of yourself for your kids to enjoy someday.

A non-refundable $25 deposit is collected when you book your spot.  The remaining $250 (or more if additional children are being photographed) is due the day of your session in check or cash form.

Click here to sign up!

Can’t wait to see you there!