A Confession about October Sessions…

Yes, I have a confession to make, but before I dive into that- can we just take a minute and talk about how sweet these sisters are?  I loved their session and after a week full of toddlers to work with, they were a welcome reprieve of smiling, cooperative, easy kids to photograph.  😉


Of course you know I love the light here, that golden sunset hour is always my favorite, and this family hit the jackpot with the perfect time of evening (and great temperature!) for a shoot.  


This black and white shot above, I think might be my favorite for the night.  Just love it!


Ok, yes- back to my confession, my secret thoughts on fall sessions.  

You might be surprised to know that in the family portrait world, we are a pretty tight knit group of local photographers.  I love that many of us in our area know one another, refer clients to each other when we can’t fit a client’s needs, support each other when work is hard and we need a temporary “co worker” to cry to.  And one thing we all sigh deep, heavy, breaths about is the fall season- specifically October.  Fall is our very busiest time of year (for me I work about 4 times as much in the month of October than any other month of the year) and in Chicago fall is unpredictable.  Some Octobers are warm, colorful and delightful.  Throw on a cute sweater, grab a pumpkin latte, and YEAH- fall is awesome!!  But quite honestly, and you’ll agree here if you’ve lived here for any amount of time- October is quite often cold, wet, dreary and dark.  The sunsets are earlier and the fall leaves can be gone in an instant after a rain storm. I can remember several mini session days freezing my tush off, standing in wet cold grass, begging the sun to make an appearance for at least a few minutes, and wishing I could paint real leaves on the bare trees.    

So for awhile now, after 10 years of being in business, I’ve told my friends and family my secret, I much prefer August or September photos and actually had our own family photos taken late last August for that reason.  Warm sunshine and pretty leaves still left on trees- yes please.  🙂  I also think late summer photos can look “non-seasonal” and can hang on your walls year round, as opposed to fall sessions that may look funny hanging on the walls in any other season of the year.  In the evening in August or September, you can still often throw on jeans and a lightweight shirt or sweater- and not look too “summer-y or fall-ish” (let’s pretend those are real words, mmm-k?).  The can still be great photos for Christmas cards and beautiful framed images for your walls.


So, here is the scoop.  My October sessions are going to be opened up on August 1st.  If you want a super mini, a mini, or a full session- you’ll need to grab one quickly because they will go fast.  As I mentioned it is a popular time of year, and since I also photograph two preschools that month, my schedule is jam packed.  
But if you think maybe this year, instead of waiting until October, you’d like to try a session in August or September- now is the time to book!  For realz.  I have a handful of spots left for weekdays and a tiny number of mini sessions left on Friday and Saturdays, and once August 1st comes and clients realize my October has booked- they will snag those last summer openings.  


Since I am a people-pleaser to a fault, and dread turning away a family that was counting on a fall session spot, here is your warning!  If you think you might prefer a late summer or September session- let’s get you on my calendar now!  You can grab a spot by clicking on the “request a session” link on my website and my assistant will take it from there.  🙂

Can’t wait to see all of you in front of my lens soon!