Meet the Bauman Family!

We had the perfect night for this family’s summer photo session and I’m always a happy-happy photographer when the sun is shining and a beautiful family arrives! Three cute kiddos and I loved getting a chance to know them a bit.




Gosh I love sweet mama shots šŸ™‚


Whenever kids seems to be a bit “done” with the whole photo thing, we have a family race- that always seems to do the trick into making our time fun again.


This awesome dad is the owner of the new piano bar in downtown Barrington. My hubby and I are dying to do a date night there, just need to find a clear evening in our schedule. Who wants to join us!? I can’t wait to check out Shirley’s Piano Bar- check out their website, doesn’t it look awesome!?
So not only is he the owner of that awesome spot, but he’s an awesome dad too- I loved capturing some sweet moments between these two.









And their youngest one just turned ONE, so we had to get plenty of shots of just her all by her adorable-self. šŸ™‚


I’m *trying* to get more and more committed to always grabbing one photo of just mom! Women never have a good photo of themselves alone and I know it will be a cherished image for her kids to have someday when they are grown. So sorry moms- like it or not, I’m pushing you in front of my lens for at least one photo. And then of course, if dad will jump in for some- even better.


Thanks Bauman Fam- I’ll be seeing you soon at Shirley’s!

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