Meeting Miss Nora

This past Sunday I skipped out of church a little early, but I had a seriously good reason- I wanted to capture one of my favorites families as they welcomed their third daughter, Nora. All parents know, there is simply nothing like the joy, excitement, and anticipation of meeting that little face you’ve been dreaming about for 9 months. And then sometimes even better- getting the chance to watch the big sisters meet her for the first time too. When I arrived, Nora was brand spankin’ new- just about 30 minutes old and getting all checked out by the nurse.

Of course her daddy was checking her out too, counting all of those perfect fingers and toes.





Margaret is truly a rockstar mom. When I walked in she was calm and peaceful, filled to the brim with joy and gratitude for God’s provision in proving another beautiful little girl to their family.

The chubby cheeks were no joke with this kid.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a baby THIS NEW that looked like a gerber baby already.  🙂

As we got ready for her big sisters to arrive, Blaine and Margaret were filled with nervous excitement. We contemplated together- should Margaret be holding the baby as they walked in? Or maybe just have the baby in the bassinet? But what if they baby started crying (whoops, she did), would that upset the girls when they walked in? Blaine retrieved the big sisters from the care of their grandparents in the waiting room, so they could have their special moment of meeting their newest sister all to themselves. Nora was getting fussy in the bassinet and Margaret looked at me nervously as the girls walked in, but nerves were for nothing. As soon as they entered Nora calmed down, and they peeked into the bassinet with such wonder. Bubbling over with such excitement and filled with questions like “do we get to take her home?”, the cuteness factor was off the charts.






Roughly 1.2 million kisses ensued.


Grandma and Grandpa got to come in next and watching them greet their beloved daughter was one of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed. Such pride and relief all mixed into one as they could see their daughter feeling good, and a perfect new grandchild to love.


Everyone wanted their chance to hold Nora and stare into her sweet face. Watching Margaret with all three of her girls for the first time was a beautiful thing. This woman is strong, courageous, and inspiring. I got to take Ruby’s newborn photos many years ago when Margaret was a first time mom. To watch her this time handle all of this like a pro, feeling so comfortable in her role as a mom, it brought on some happy glistening eyes for me.  😉


The new family of FIVE!


Grandpa and Grandma needed their turn to hold Nora too, but her sweet sisters were never far away.


Of course, I totally love that Blaine was helping the girls document the moment with his camera too.


Welcome to the world Nora- you have one of the most delightful, loving, hilarious, creative, fun families I know- for your very own! Lucky girl!!  You are going to grow up with people all around you cheering you on as each year passes. Happy birthday!