Does Emily travel for sessions?  Emily prefers to stay in the Lake Zurich/ Barrington area and so does not often take sessions that require her to drive out of her area.  This enables her to get in several sessions a day instead of allowing time to travel.  During slower seasons when she has more availability, she will periodically schedule sessions outside of that area and will charge a travel fee.   However, if you are wanting to book Emily to photograph a session in Hawaii, she’d be open to that idea!  😉

What are some of Emily’s favorite locations?  Emily is always on the hunt for new locations that will work well with her photography style.  She does many sessions at the following locations:

  • Citizen’s Park, Barrington
  • Barrington Public Library
  • Vehe Barn, Deer Park
  • Paulus Park, Lake Zurich
  • Breezewald Park, Lake Zurich
  • Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington
  • Crabtree Nature Center, South Barrington
  • Fox River Forest Preserve
  • Lakewood Forest Preserve
  • Independence Grove (travel fee charged)

Why are newborn sessions more expensive than a full session?  Emily loves to work with newborns and always takes the extra time they often require.  Since newborns need plenty of breaks to eat, have a diaper change, or just be held during a fussy time, newborn sessions often take several hours.  When photographing a newborn, Emily brings with her baskets, blankets, hair accessories, and other newborn props.  These are provided just for her newborn sessions.  Additionally, editing a newborn session is normally more extensive and Emily gives the images the extra attention they need.

What happens if I schedule an outdoor session and it rains or the weather is not suitable to be outside?  Emily wants your session to be enjoyable and produce beautiful photos, so she always allows her clients to make the final decision about rescheduling a session.  If the weather isn’t cooperating (which happens often here in Chicago-land), you can call Emily and find another time/day that is available.

Why doesn’t Emily take session requests for more than two months in advance?  Emily likes to have her personal calendar set before deciding what days she is available to work.  As a mom of four daughters, she has lots to factor into her schedule, and wants to reserve important dates (like a school play or a softball game) for her family first.  Once she has that set, she opens up her calendar for clients and can commit to making them a priority.

Does Emily photograph weddings?  Nope!  But she does have some photographers she recommends if you are interested.   She does photograph small events like a bridal shower or a birthday party.