Photography Classes

Mommies With Cameras I

The perfect class for all you moms out there who have a digital SLR camera and have no idea how to use it! We start from the very beginning and work together to learn the basics of shooting in the manual setting. Classes have up to 8 participants and lots of one-on-one time with Emily.  We learn the tips and tricks of getting the best shots of your own children.  You’ll receive a workbook to take home and leave ready to shoot like the pros.

Required materials

a digital SLR camera (meaning it has a lens you can remove)

Suggested materials

50 mm lens, 35 mm lens, or 85 mm lens (Emily’s favorite portrait lenses)
Classes are normally held on a weekend from 1-5 p.m.
contact Emily to find out when upcoming classes are scheduled


Mommies with Cameras II

This class is for anyone who has already taken the Mommies with Cameras I class and is ready to take their skill a step further. We spend our time outside working with children models who give us some real-life practice. Emily helps you discover the best locations for outdoor photos, where to find the perfect light, and working with kids.


Classes are held during the spring and summer on weekends.

contact Emily to find out when upcoming classes are scheduled




Emily loves working with people who are interested in opening their own photography business. She offers over the phone consultations, or in-person mentoring meetings and can give information on photography, editing, running your own business, or whatever your specific needs may be. Please contact Emily for availability and cost.

* Sorry – participants for mentoring may not
live within a 20 mile radius of Lake Zurich *


iPhone Photography Class!


Emily teaches you everything you need to know about iPhone Photography- using the camera that you always have with you! She goes over how to find the best lighting, capturing true emotions in your children, avoiding dark and blurry photos, how to edit your pictures (including getting that creamy background blur that is so pretty!), and the very best apps for printing your photos and creating products to show off your beautiful shots! The class is 1.5 hours and is held in Emily’s studio in Barrington. The class cost is $60.

To find out when upcoming classes are scheduled or to sign up, CONTACT EMILY.