Preparing For Your Session


Every once in a great while, I hire a photographer to get photos of my own family.  Mostly because I’d like some new shots of our whole family, but also partially because I want to remember what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera.  Oh Lordy- I suddenly find that picking out the “perfect” outfits for all six of us, choosing a good location, figuring out the best time of day for light AND happy children, can be rather stressful!  So hear me when I say, “I get it”.  🙂   My children certainly don’t just sit and smile for the photographer (especially when it’s me!) and I don’t expect yours to either.

So when thinking of what I want to tell you about how best to prepare for your session, I want to start by saying relax.  Take a deep breath and trust that we will get some gorgeous shots.  There have been so many times that I end a session after photographing some “active” children (read: rowdy) and the parents slump their shoulders thinking there won’t be any useable shots.  I love reading the messages from them after they see their gallery and realize we got loads of beautiful photos, capturing funny, sweet, and even rowdy moments.  I have kids.  I get kids.  I get silly, gross boy jokes.  I get shy little ones who take time to warm up.  I get wild kids who love to throw sticks.  I get stressed out mamas who want pretty photos for their walls.  I’ve been there.  I promise.  And I’m not giving up until we get beautiful, timeless photographs.

With all of that in mind- here are some ways to help make your session go as smoothly as possible:

1)  Make sure your little ones are prepared for what we are going to do.  Talk excitedly about your session.  Explain we are going to get to play for a bit, and take a little time to smile and giggle for pictures.  Expect that they will get silly and that I’ll snap all the shots in between the goofy faces and frowns. {Oh, and yes, bribery helps.  Ice cream treat after your session?  Perfect!}

2)  Feed ’em!  Yes, hungry kids = cranky kids.  So feed them well before you arrive, and throw in some non-messy snacks (aka bribes) for the session.  Fruit snacks, pretzels, water bottles, and even mini marshmallows are great options.  Something that won’t stain and can be eaten fairly quickly as we walk.

3)  If you feel like your child is acting up a bit more than usual, try something that feels counter-intuitive.  Walk away.  Yep- you read that right, just walk away.  Certainly every child is different, but more often that not, (my own kids included) they can listen and follow instructions more easily when their parents aren’t watching.  It also helps me get their full attention so they are looking directly into the camera, instead of glancing over at everyone watching.

4) Follow the “what to wear” guide that Jenny sends you for some great ideas.  My photography style is casual and the locations I tend to choose are never formal.  So I always recommend more casual clothing, something kids can run and play in.  High heels are a no-no.  Trust me on that one.  🙂

5) The day of your session, if the weather is looking iffy, feel free to call Emily (her cell phone number will be given to you before your session) and discuss a Plan B.

6)  Be sure to review my pricing page and read your confirmation email from Jenny with your final amount due the day of your session.  I make my pricing very public so there isn’t ever any surprises, so please be sure to check it out before arriving.

Did I miss anything?  Any other questions?  Let me know in an email: