What a fantastic experience having Emily come right to our home! We have always gone to a photo studio at a mall – and the pictures always look the same – nice smiles on the kids, but boring pictures. Not only was our experience with Emily so much more convenient, she did such a great job capturing the personalities of our kids. We will definitely use her again and again.


Emily, I just can’t get over how amazing you are with my kids and how, magically, you always manage to get THE shot. How do you do that?!


When your baby is so young, it is difficult to schedule a time to get out of the house. It was great to have someone come to me and be able to take great pictures of a wrinkly newborn! I loved the pictures so much that they are covering the walls of my nursery. – SARA

Thank you so much the amazing photo session. Thanks for taking the extra time to engage both my kiddos especially my little Ellie who as you saw is extremely active. Thank goodness you are able to snap quickly and trick her into sitting if only for a moment. The pictures were absolutely adorable and really captured both kids personalities. Having you come to the house and help decide on Ellie’s dress was priceless. Being able to keep the cd and order the pictures myself with everyone’s input about what they wanted was fantastic. I was able to order just what I wanted and then when grandma changed her mind I was able to just order her a different 5X7. Anyway we will be using you in the future and recommending you to friends! It was so nice to have another mom here who understood the little ones. Thanks again for your patience!

– Melissa
I used to be a fan of those one hour photo places. After having Emily to our home, I can’t imagine doing it any other way. The convenience of having her come to us is just one of the many benefits. Being an only child, Drew has been photographed a lot. Never before had anyone captured his true personality in so many shots.


Emily – Thank you for these great pictures. I truly appreciate how you capture their personalities and help me remember some heartwarming memories from this stage of their life. I forgot to mention earlier, that tears filled my eyes today looking at the pictures. Then I remembered I was at work and pulled it together. Thank you! – CARIE
Emily, I LOVE IT!!! Seriously, my husband wakes up at 4:30 and we can’t go to bed because we keep looking at the pics! They are amazing. You captured exactly who Lily is. Her sweet side. Her silly side. Even her….”are you kidding me?” side. 🙂 We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you for capturing these special moments for us (especially of her rolling over)! We look forward to many more shoots! – Jamie